In the past twenty years, I have lectured at universities and colleges, supervised student projects and taught privately for innumerable hours in many subjects.

Newcastle University

A lecturer from 2012 to present, I have supervised (as main or co-supervisor) 4 MPhil and PhD students and taught:

  • MEC2009 – Mechanics II: Vibrations and control; Simulink modelling for engineering dynamics and control
  • MEC3014 – Computational Modelling: Data Acquisition and Labview programming
  • MEC3015 – Instrumentation and Drive Systems: Passive and active electronics filters; electromechanical actuators (DC motors, asynchronous and synchronous AC machines, solenoids); piezoelectric materials; shape memory alloys and other smart materials.
  • MEC8025 – Mechatronic Design: Mechatronic philosophy and design process; communications; finite state machines; actuators.
  • MEC8043 – Software in the Professional Engineering Context: Data Acquisition and Labview programming
  • MEC3018 – Design for Industry: supervision of team project
  • MEC3098 – Mechanical Engineering Project: supervision of individual project
  • MEC8095 – MSc Project: Mechanical and Systems Engineering
  • MEC8099 – Mechanical Engineering Team Project: supervision of Stage 4 team project (MEng)

Cranfield University

  • Finite Element Analysis & Materials Modelling
  • Microsystems Design

Mahidol University International College

I was hired, as external faculty, to teach modern physics (special relativity and fundamentals of quantum mechanics) and principles of physics for a wide cohort (food scientists, biologists, etc.):

  • ICPY 212: General Physics II
  • ICNS 132: Principles of Physics

Sirindhorn International Institute of Technology – Thammasat University

A lecturer and assistant professor from 2002 to 2004, I have supervised many Senior Projects and taught mostly mechatronics and instrumentation, but also materials science and physics:

  • MCS 322: Introduction to Mechatronics
  • MCS 361: Mechatronic Instrumentation
  • MES 351: Engineering Dynamics
  • MES 371: Materials Science for Engineers
  • MES 381: Measurements and Instrumentation
  • IES 336: Industrial Instruments and Controlling Systems
  • SCS 138: Applied Physics I